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Term: Loads

Loads refer to the forces acting on a structure employed in the design process to verify its strength and stability. They can include dead loads (e.g. self weight), live loads (e.g. people), wind loads, seismic loads, snow loads, and others.


The seismic load on a structural model can be included either as a set of static horizontal/vertical forces or, alternatively, as dynamic excitation, in the form of an accelerogram applied to external constraints.

Created 2023.04.13
Last Modified 2023.04.13
Contributed by Courage Bear

This definition describes "external" loads and leaves out of the equation "internal" loads such as prestressing. As @Smiles Fox says, loads are not only used only to verify the strength of stability of a structure, but rather to assess its structural response, understand it and potentially design the structure to withstand such loads. - Peaceful Panda 2023.04.18

I think this clause could be removed from the definition: "employed in the design process to verify its strength and stability" - Smiles Fox 2023.04.13