form finding

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Term: form finding

Form finding is the process of designing form that fulfils specific properties.


For the design of this masonry vault, I used funicular form finding to guarantee a compression only behavior.

Created 2023.04.11
Last Modified 2023.04.11
Contributed by Faith Eagle

The definition has the right intention but it is on the general side of things. - Peaceful Panda 2023.04.18

I described form finding that way because form finding can also apply to finding a form with properties that do not relate to mechanics: 1. fabrication-driven form finding, for instance to obtain a gridshell with planar quadrilateral faces (see work of Hans Schober and Jorg Schlaich) 2. environmental-driven form finding, for instance to consider light and heat aspects (using the GH Ladybug and Honeybee plugins) - Faith Eagle 2023.04.14

It is a general one but I think it is correct lol. - Joy Falconer 2023.04.14

Too general - Bliss Tiger 2023.04.12