Inverse design

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Term: Inverse design

Not a great term at first glance. The inverse of design should be chaos or spontaneous shapes forming from stochastic processes. However, the term Inverse Design should be seen as Design as an Inverse Problem. Inverse Problems in science, are also not great terms. The inverse of a problem should be a solution, as a solution is what "undoes" the problem. However, we just have to accept that Inverse Problem is a scientific term. In science, Inverse Problems refers to problems where a parameterized model is given and a target model state or behavior is desired and the objective is to adjust parameters such that the model achieves the target state. Inverse Design thus means designing an object given a parameterized model and a target state or behavior by updating the model parameters.


The shape was generated through an inverse design process.

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Too philosophical for the first part of the definition, but otherwise agreed. - Peaceful Panda 2023.04.18