form finding

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Term: form finding

Form finding is a shape optimization process that finds an optimal structural geometry that satisfies properties prespecified by the designers.


The famous architect Frei Otto applied form finding to the design of Mannheim Multihalle, a grid-shell structure that inspires many architects and engineers.

Created 2023.04.11
Last Modified 2023.04.11
Contributed by Joy Falconer

Form finding may or may not include optimization. - Peaceful Panda 2023.04.18

Form finding is not an optimization process. You use form finding to get several arches without looking for the 'best' one. - Faith Eagle 2023.04.14

try to give an example of what the definition is stating, rather than just re-using the term in the example. In this maybe describe a shape optimization process specifically and how it satisfies properties pre-specified. - Radiance Panther 2023.04.12